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What To Expect

What to expect on your first visit:


After filling in a questionaire, you will be taken into the Adjusting room with the Doctor of Chiropractic for a Consultation (Cost:free) here you will be able to elaborate on your complaint/s to determine if your case can be helped.   At this point if accepted as a patient,  an in depth analysis will be carried out which will include; Neurological, Orthopedic, Visceral (when needed), Instrument readings(thermography, SEMG) and Chiropractic Spinal/extremity examination (Cost £50). Furthermore, when indicated and if justified X-Ray (on site) urinanalysis, blood testing and MRI can be done through referral (Extra cost depending on which test, also see price list) .   At this point the doctor will have a much better idea of your complaint, after which a decision will be made whether or not Chiropractic Care will be the correct method of treatment.   All of the above is whats needed to formulate a correct Diagnosis and management plan.


As mentioned in step 1 it is possible that if you are accepted as a patient a plain film radiograph (X-Ray) could be needed to help diagnose your complaint accurately and specifically.  This can be done on site without referral, it could be either in the form of a regional 14/17 image or a fullspine 14/36 weightbearing plain film image digital X-rays.   Common reasons for taking radiographs are as follows; to eliminate congenital anomalies, pathologies and fractures,  to determine the extent of degeneration in your spine and the most specific direction needed to realign your spine and/or pelvis if needed.  We offer state of the art digital X-ray facilities and take every care to  protect the patient from unnecessary exposure (ALARA) (cost £50-£220, depending on the size of the X-ray).


Following the above steps, an in depth explanation will be given to the new Chiropractic patient (report of findings). This will include; a diagnosis, management/treatment frequency and duration, and an estimated cost and any other questions answered (Cost: Free).


Should you be happy with your diagnosis and  give authority for treatment to be carried out (informed consent) the next step would be a  Chiropractic specific adjustment/s (not manipulation) followed by any adjuctive procedures and advice. This may often be done on the same day, but also the following appointment as it may depend on your schedule, finances, time or seriousness of the complaint (Cost: £31-£60 depending on amount of sessions bought).  Single sessions can be bought at a cost of £60 however these are generally aimed at patients whom already understand their complaint and what is required.

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