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Price List

Step 1. Initial consultation: (Conversation of complaint).

Step 2. Examination: Including the following : £50 which includes the following if specific to the complaint:

Cardiovascular Exam

Visceral Exam
Neurological Exam
Orthopaedic Exam
Chiropractic Exam

Should a X-ray be required and justified accordingly this can be done onsite.
Step 3. Radiological Exam (X-rays)  prices may differ if referred out:

Full Spine £250
(1 Series) Sectional £150.00
(2 Series) Sectional £200.00
Extremity £75.00

Step 4. Report of Findings: This includes Diagnosis;  Prognosis,  treatment plan, Reviews and consent to treatment.

Follow Up Chiropractic Visits

Please Note: Payment plan options are  available to significantly reduce the individual visit price for as little as £31.00 per visit.  Options will be explained by the Chiropractor and taylored to your specific case following your initial visit.

Keep posted for prices on residential weeks in the UK and Europe


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