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History & Research

Established in 2003 as the first Chiropractic Clinic in Manchester City Centre, we offer the latest in Chiropractic care within a friendly modern professional environment.  The Gonstead Clinic of Chiropractic is one of only three clinics in the U.K. to offer this unique approach the other two clinics being in London (Harley Street), and Glasgow (West End) following on from a long traditional history founded in 1923.

At the clinic, Gonstead Chiropractors constantly acknowledge the importance of continual professional development (training and education) to stay current on the latest chiropractic research and medical trends. The clinic is equipped with specialised technologically advanced diagnostic equipment, including a full spine x-ray and NCV + SEMG testing, so patients can not only benefit from objective testing, but a more accurate diagnosis resulting in the best possible chiropractic care.

The results of the clinic speak for themselves, and for all those who have experienced first hand what specific scientific Chiropractic treatment is all about.  It’s no mistake that the clinic has been established since 2003 making it the longest running Chiropractic Clinic in the city centre, this is due purely from results and not marketing, as we are sure any of our patients will testify.  So if your serious about improving your health and are looking for a fix rather than a therapy, call the office number even if its for an informal talk with Dr. Graeme Massey D.C.


Over 100 years ago, chiropractic health care was founded by Dr. D.D. Palmer. He had a simple theory: that good health can be sustained naturally, without the use of drugs or surgery, by removing vertebral subluxations and allowing the nervous system to function properly.  Although since May 2010 the word Vertebral subluxation is not recognised by the General Chiropractic Council in the Uk, it is accepted by the World health organisation (WHO) and the rest of the Chiropractic world for that matter.

His theory has stood the test of time. This section will briefly explain how the theory was proven by taking you “behind the scenes”, into the field of chiropractic research.

1895-Present: Scientifically proven

Since the first Chiropractic adjustment in 1895, the chiropractoc profession has rapidly grown to be the third largest field of health care behind medicine and dentistry. The reason for the growth of chiropractic is simple: chiropractic is based on sound, scientific principles that have been proven with thorough research. Investigations and injuries have been conducted worldwide by government agencies, universities, health-care facilities, private and public sector research organisations. The following paragraphs summarise some landmark research studies that have resulted in widespread recognition of chiropractic as a sound health-care choice.

Government of New Zealand

The New Zealand commission report was published in 1979 and was the culmination of two years of interviews from health care experts on the efficacy and safety of chiropractic. The government of New Zealand funded the study, which concluded that modern chiropractic is a “soundly-based and valuable branch of health care in a specialised area”. Wilk, et al, vs. American Medical Association (AMA) lawsuit. Another inquiry that further validated chiropractic came about in 1987 through an antitrust suit filed by four doctors for chiropractic against the AMA. A federal appellate court judge ruled that the AMA had engaged in a “lengthy, systematic, successful and unlawful boycott” of chiropractic. During the legal proceedings, studies comparing chiropractic care to medical care were presented that showed how chiropractors were twice as effective as medical physicians, for comparable injuries, in returning injured workers to work at every level of injury severity.”

Since the court findings and conclusions were released, a growing number of medical practices, hospitals and health care organisations in the United States now include the services of chiropractors.

Ontario Ministry of Health

In 1993, the Ontario Ministry of Health published the Manga report, which was a review of literature on the most effective and cost-effective treatments for low back pain. After reviewing all available international evidence, the researchers concluded that chiropractic is “greatly superior to medical treatment in terms of scientific validity, safety, cost-effectiveness and patient satisfaction.”

The Agency For Health Care Policy and Research (AHCPR)

In 1994, the AHCPR of the United States Department of Health and Human Services released guidelines, which were intended to assist primary-care physicians, were developed by a panel of 23 professionals, including medical doctors, chiropractic doctors, nurses, experts in spinal research, and physical therapists. The panel concluded, among other things, that chiropractic treatment (specifically, spinal manipulation) is recommended for acute low back problems in adults and should be pursued (in most cases) before pharmaceutical or surgical treatments.

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