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Below are just a few testimonials on common problems given to the clinic after making  full recovery.   Feel free to pop into the clinic to read many more taken over the last 20 years.  Also, our google review site is now over 100 reviews, so feel free to browse through and see if your complaint has been previously treated in our clinic

Back Pain
I can Not say enough good things about Dr.Graeme or the experience! I came with my kids and husband for 9 sessions each (total 36 sessions total) all the way from kuwait to manchester (my kids had no problems but i wanted them adjusted nonetheless) I had bad back pain that i was experiencing for years and after the 9 sessions i feel A difference in the pain level, discomfert and headaches! I will def. come bk for more sessions in a few months! The Dr is amazing and his staff were welcoming! My family felt at home away from home in his clinic! The prices of the packages the Dr. offers are very reasonable and you can save money when you are coming with your family! The location of the clinic is near the malls and restaurants, so coming as visitors to Manchester we did not need to go too far for food and shopping!

-Asmaa Alajmi


Bulging Discs

Highly recommended!! He saved me the surgery! Had 3 bulging discs and basically couldn’t move. Needed 18 sessions all together as my situation was serious enough, doctors tried to convince me that what’s done is done and there’s no way back to going to the gym again. They were wrong! I feel 100% ok now and I’m back to the gym 4 months already. A session at the clinic would be beneficial for everyone, injured or not.
Thanks for everything

-Eugenia Meri


Low Back Pain

Just a Short note to thank you.   Graeme and his staff on their professional attitude they showed whilst treating my recent problem.   When i visited the Gonstead Clinic for the first time i arrived on crutches from a outlaying area of Manchester which took 30 minutes commuting.   Then in an extensive program particualy of a correct diet and exercise he had me on my feet again within 4 weeks but even better than before the injury.   Most importantly back to work.

-Mr. S. Ashley


Much has been said about and written about alternative medicines and medical practices, one of which is Chiropractic. Some of the medical fraternity are sceptical about this but many people like myself, have found it most benefitial.

Six weeks ago i had such pain in my back it was difficault to walk, bend or sleep. I was introduced to Dr. Graeme Massey who literally took me in hand. After Using his skill and practice I am thankfully much fitter now.

Of course miricles do not happen overnight and one has to do as one is instructed otherwise Dr. Graeme would have wasted his time and i my money.

I strongly recommend this Chiropractic Clinic to anyone in pain as i am sure that Graeme and His staff will always do their best to help them overcome their problem.

— Mr. D. G. Sutton


Having suffered from debilitating headaches for the last 20 years (the whole of my adult life) I feel compelled to write and thank you from freeing me from the pain!

You were able to acertain the cause of the problem very quickly and i noticed changes almost immediatley once treatment commenced. No amopunt of pain killers or other prescription drugs, of which i had tried many, including those for migraine and even valium gave any real benefit and never treated the cause of the headaches, only the symptoms.

I would have no hesitation in recommending you or the Gonstead Chiropractic System to anyone suffering from similar symptoms to my own. As you have suggested i will continue to visit you on an infreqent basis to ensure that my improvement continues and that i continue to enjoy a pain free life.

— Mr. P. Morgan

Neck and Lower Back Pain

Just a quick line of thanks for my treatment and to recommend your services to others in my position.

Having suffered from Neck and Back problems for many years i have been down many routes, Physiotherapy, Osteopathy, Chiropractors and assorted Doctors and Specialists. None of which have readily identified my problems and been able to provide effective treatment in the manner you have.

With my latest problems, when you started treating me, iwas expecting from past experience, weeks if not months of pain, inconvieneice and time of work. Thanks to your application of Chiropractic through the Gonstead system i was on the way to full recovery within a few adjustments (not manipulation).

I have no hesitation in recommending your skills to anyone with back or neck problems, especially if they want to make a quick recovery and get their life back to normal as soon as possible.

I really think that some large organisations, such as the one i work for should make this type of specific treatment available to staff instead of peddling an outdated medical approach… Surley thay would gain by staff making speedy return to full work, and not being on the sick.

— Sargent M. Thompson GMP

Low Back and Knee Pain

I had sufferred with back and knee pain for 15 years. I had been to my G.P. and had cortisone shots in my knee, visited osteopaths and pain out for expensive orthotics. All of these treatments brought temporary relief but frustratingly the pain and discomfort always returned. As a keen cyclist, i was faced with the prospect of hanging up my toe clips.

About sciatica made me realise that i had to try and find a more permanent solution. I had seen a lot of advice on the internet a constant theme coming through-speak to someone who knows about your sport and make sure they X-Ray you.

After speaking to Graeme and realising he was a keen cyclist, an appointment was booked. I explained my problems and was subsequently X-rayed. After studying the images, Graeme pointed out the issues and an initial adjustment was made that instantly cured the sciatica.

Over the next few weeks i recieved regular adjustments and amazingly the pain in my knees began to subside. I was allowed back on my bike and over the last few months i have gradully built up my mileage. I am still recieving regular adjustments but i also feel better in my self, more able to fight off colds and generally feeling much more healthy.

— Mr. Rob. Newton

Gastric Reflux and Neck Paraysis

I started to visit the Gonstead Clinic of Chiropractic in October 2004 due to developing a paraysis in my neck that was becoming difficult to live with. I was diagnosed with having subluxations in both T1 and T5 spinal joints. After only a few treatments, however, i noticed that another condition that i had endured for more han 20 years suddenly ceased.

It was a chronic condition of stomach acidity for which i was constantly popping antacids in very large quantities. I discussed this with Dr. Graeme on one of my vists and he asked me to recall(for personal educating) which of he spinal joints he was adjusting(not manipulating). After telling him T1 and T5, he invited me to consult the nerological chart on the wall of his office which showed the nerve exits of the spine to the internal organs.

I was amazed to learn that the T5 joint/nerve co-related to the stomach and its activity. The subluxation of T5 was causing an intorable flow of stomach acid.

I will never be convinced that this is a co-incidence sice i never consulted the Gonstead Clinic of Chiropractic for the is symptom! I wanted to document that i have the greatest confidence in Chiropractic especiall when done specifcally as sound treatment, that no only harmonises with biological knowledge of the human body and its function, but better still forthe patient, treats the cause not the symptom. I wholeheartedly endorse the Gonstead method of Chiropractic and would highly recommend such to anyone.

— Mr. G. A. Barlow

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